Founder’s Message

Philip F. BlumbergIt means a great deal to my family and I to form this Foundation to support efforts to prevent homelessness, aid families who find themselves in a homeless or unstable situation, and treat those who suffer from the abuse of alcohol and drugs, particularly among our young.

I have dealt with substance abuse personally in my past, and want to help others in need of the compassionate support that I received by making available the necessary treatment for alcohol dependence, substance abuse and addictions with a focus on providing access to treatment and prevention programs.

Recognizing the devastating consequences of substance abuse to individuals and loved ones, it is my intent to target a portion of these funds to sponsor programs helping families cope with the consequences of addiction.

I’m confident that over time through this support and assistance we can help insure a bright new day. A full and rewarding future for the good and strong souls that battle each day to break free of the shackles of drug and alcohol abuse.

A noble battle, one day at a time, that includes victories, and sometimes falling from the path. But those who heroically overcome the obstacles before them to reclaim their lives deserve our deepest respect, kindness, love and support.

May God bless all in need, those affected families, and those who provide crucial support, sustenance and treatment.

Philip F. Blumberg