About Us

Philip Blumberg started this Foundation as an active charity focused on fighting poverty, homelessness, and drug abuse, and providing access to prevention programs.

Mr. Blumberg has provided substantial support to organizations that combat poverty and joblessness, enabling those without job skills to receive training and families to live and raise their children in safe and secure environments. Mr. Blumberg assists organizations which fight drug abuse and provide access to prevention programs, his personal experience fighting drug abuse forming the bedrock of his determination to use his experiences in the public interest.

In addition, Blumberg Capital Partners, Blumberg Grain, Blumberg Steel and other Blumberg companies emphasize providing job opportunities to those working to overcome life’s obstacles and difficulties, including drug and alcohol dependence.

We provide space and support in our Hubs for AA/NA support meetings.

We also contribute to organizations that provide or make treatment available to those in need, with an emphasis on youth and homeless.

Having learned from his own experience and blessed with the good fortune to have the means to help others, Mr. Blumberg is passionate in his belief that those with drug or alcohol dependence deserve access to treatment and prevention programs. This mission is not just important to him personally, but reflects the basic values of all Blumberg companies worldwide.

“The Blumberg Family have been leaders in South Florida for decades, both in business and in community service. I’m proud of the work they do for our community, to combat homelessness, and support programs to make all our community better.”

— Congressman Joe Garcia, the 26th District of Florida